4 Best Free Online Dating Sites in 2021

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Spend your money on dates rather than on dating websites.

In the last year, COVID-19 has made online dating sites even more important for the single set. Singles have found it difficult to meet potential significant others because going out and being social is discouraged during the pandemic. You can, however, use an online dating website to communicate with someone via emails, texting, and video chat. Then, if you’re both satisfied that the other is safe, you can try to meet.

But where should you go for dating sites online? Choosing the proper type of online dating website is like to picking the right partner. Others may scorn what you regard as an excellent dating service. Continue reading for a list of the best free dating sites to check out. Keep in mind that not all of these websites are totally free; however, some do offer free elements that are worth exploring. Some of the most well-known free dating sites are as follows:

  • Tinder.
  • Bumble.
  • Match.
  • OurTime.


With this popular software (also accessible on desktop), you may easily swipe through profiles, but with minimal information on each probable match. While looking at photographs, you can select a heart or an X, or swipe to the right if you like a profile and swipe to the left if you don’t. You’ll be told that you’ve found a match and can message your potential date if you like someone who likes your photo.

Tinder Plus (about $9.99 per month if you’re under 30, or $19.99 if you’re older) and Tinder Gold (approximately $29.99 per month, depending on your area and age) are paid versions of the app that contain extra features including a rewind button that allows you to alter your profile.


Bumble, like Tinder, lets users discover a match by swiping right on someone they like and left on someone they don’t. The key distinction is that in heterosexual partnerships, the woman is required to initiate communication. When it comes to same-sex relationships, though, either partner can initiate contact. A premium service can also screen your matches for certain characteristics or criteria, such as educational attainment. The premium service ranges in price from $7.99 per week to $32.99 per month, with a lifetime subscription costing $199.99.


While Match.com’s full services aren’t free, it is a well-known website with a 72-hour free trial period. You can establish a profile and search through profiles for free, but you’ll have to pay to contact the person unless you’re still in the free three-day trial period. Even if you pay for the service, you can pick and choose who you want to contact rather than paying for a service and then hope to meet individuals you want to meet. Prices, on the other hand, fluctuate. For a month’s access to the site, you’ll have to spend $35.99. Longer possibilities are available, ranging from three to six to twelve months.


OurTime is marketed to people aged 50 and up, as evidenced by its numerous television advertisements. OurTime is a paid service, similar to Match.com. While it isn’t free, you may browse profiles for free, which is very useful in the online dating scene. Paying for a dating service, creating a profile, and then looking around to find that the closest potential match is 300 miles away is the last thing anyone wants to do. Prices vary, but you can expect to pay roughly $35 per month if you sign up for the six-month plan, which comes with a big savings.

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