2go Download – How To Locate & Download Latest 2go Version 7.0 on www.2go.im


2go Download – How To Locate & Download Latest 2go Version 7.0 on www.2go.im: Do you want to download the latest 2go version 7.0 via www.2go.com but don’t know how to go about that? If your answer is yes or something related to that, here is a concise and straight to the point tutorial on how to access and download 2go latest version. Continue reading below and please don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends and loved ones.

At the moment, 2go is one of the most used quick or instant messaging services. It is important to note that 2go users can use the 2go to chat and connect with their friends and family easily without paying a dime. You can join many of millions of new users to create a new profile, link up with friends, and make new friends. You can also transfer files, pictures, and videos among users.

The biggest social media startup in Africa is the 2go Interactive and they are based in South Africa and they have been on the lips of everyone, since the launch of 2go version 7. This version has wowed people with its distinctive features.

The latest 2go version 7 is the nicest and most innovative yet. The features in version 7 will amaze you tremendously.

It is not only the chatting feature that has gone through a lot of positive boosts. When using 2go version 7, you will get the feel of using Facebook and Whatsapp. It is totally stunning.

2go Download – How To Locate & Download Latest 2go Version 7.0 on www.2go.im

So this is how to download 2go version 7 for major devices easily.

  • The first step is to type in your URL: www.2go.im through the browser of your mobile device.
  • The second step is to click the download button.
  • A pop-up notification will indicate that your download has begun.
  • After downloading 2go v 7.0, install the app through the package installer.
  • When you are done with the download, fill in your personal details to begin.

Official website for 2go: www.2go.im NOT www.2go.com
Recovering your 2go.com password is as easy as following the tutorials on how to recover your 2go password below;

  • Visit www.2go.im and not www.2go.com
  • Select the Help category on top of the site
  • Select help No 5 (Login, Profile problems and password)
  • Select the “I lost my password”
  • Follow the little tutorials listed there and you are done

2go 7.5 New features.
All 2go lovers, there’s finally good news for you all! Most people prefer the 2go interactive mobile application to Whatsapp but kept pleading with the guys at www.2go.im of improving their features to enable a much faster delivery system and to boost smooth chat between friends and loved ones.
Well, 2go.im has just done that with lots of added visible features which happens to be a great improvement upon the former 3.9 version of 2go.

I logged in to my 2go account today (which has really been a while I did) and I was so impressed with the new development the guys at 2go did.

Firstly, I immediately logged in, I saw the big fat 2go logo and rightly underneath it was 2go 5.0 version (v7.0.2) and I was like hmmm, this will be interesting.

The new features take the previous Navigation bar off the roof as it adds a new Icon to the stock tagged “Switch Account” and “Connecting”

Below are the new features listed in the 2go v.5.0.2 on Java phones.
– Chats (Notifies you of all current chats that you are currently in with friends and loved ones.
This now also notifies you of offline notifications)

What’s New in Chat: You won’t believe this: 2go 5.0.3 now gives you the delivery status of your message the same way Whatsapp does. WhatsApp shows a “correct-like mark” on every delivered messages – 2go now shows a “correct-like mark” on all sent messages to your contact. So, it’s easier to now know which message has been sent and delivered unlike before. This is so cool.
– Friends (List of all your friends, both online and offline) You also get to know which friends have offline notification enables with a bluish icon.

What’s New: You see which friends appear online, which of the message you sent to friends offline gets delivered and same friend-list settings still applies.

– 2go Rooms (Here is where you get to chat with people of like-minds like sports, education, music, etc)
– My Profile
– 2go News
– Get GoCredits – 2go Market place
– Settings – Basic settings applies
– Switch Accounts (NEW) – You can switch between multiple accounts as this will log you out and take you directly to the login page for another to login or you can do the same.
– Connecting (NEW) – Shows you the connectivity strength of your mobile device and network operator. Once you see this bar, it signifies that the 2go app is still connecting.

Now, I will also be showing you how to download 2go version 7.0 (v7.0.2) on your java phones, android phones, and all smart phones including Blackberry and HTC. Mind you, the current 2go 6.0 has only been rolled out for JAVA phones like Nokia and other JAVA enabled devices. This same version also applies to 2go for PC.

That is it on 2go Download – How To Locate & Download Latest 2go Version 7.0 on www.2go.im

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